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Week 05

Today 27th January (0)

There are no events on this day

Thursday 30th January (1)

CCBIO seminar: Johannes A. Eble (Seminar)

Friday 31st January (2)

The biology of TGFbeta – its role in ECM regulation and fibrosis (Trial lecture)
Disputas: Jahedul Alam (Disputation)

Week 06

6th February (1)

Cultural, societal and diagnostic aspects in estimating prevalence of child psychiatric disorders across countries (Trial lecture)
Starts - Event ends at 07.02.2020

Week 08

19th February (2)

CCBIO906 Cancer Genomics (Course​)
Starts - Event ends at 21.02.2020
Career day for PhD-candiates and post docs (Seminar)
Registration deadline: 14.02.2020 at​ 12:00

21st February (1)

CCBIO906 Cancer Genomics (Course​)

Week 09

29th February (1)

PKU Ski Trek Event (Event)
Starts - Event ends at 01.03.2020

1st March (1)

PKU Ski Trek Event (Event)

Week 17

22nd April (1)

Get ready to submit: seminar for phd-candidates in their last year (Seminar)

Week 23

3rd June (1)

Summer School in Fibrosis Research, 2020 (Workshop)
Starts - Event ends at 05.06.2020

5th June (1)

Summer School in Fibrosis Research, 2020 (Workshop)