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Week 42

Today 19th October (1)

Disputas: Maria Steene Eriksen (Disputation)

Week 43

Thursday 25th October (1)

CCBIO seminar: Arne Östman (Seminar)

26th October (2)

Disputation: Kristin Røen Fauske (Disputation)
Early Stage Researcher Seminar - Josef Novák (Seminar)

Week 44

1st November (1)

BBB seminar: Gunnar Mellgren (Seminar)

Week 47

23rd November (1)

Early Stage Researcher Seminar - Rémi Fournel (Seminar)

Week 49

7th December (1)

Department- and HSE-day (Event)


Week 21

24th May (1)

Bergen Fibrosis Conference, 2019 (Conference)
Starts - Event ends at 25.05.2019

25th May (1)

Bergen Fibrosis Conference, 2019 (Conference)