Re-patterning our seasonal cultures: A symposium

As the CALENDARS project comes to an end in early 2024, we are organizing a two-day public symposium at the Arboretum to discuss the findings of the project.

A modern-looking building in a landscape reflecting the colours of every season
The photo shows artist Eamon O'Kane's artwork 'Falling Water Seasons Remix (painted whilst listening to In Utero by Nirvana).' Year: 2008. Material: Oil on canvas 223 x 274 cm.
Eamon O'Kane

Main content

What role do seasonal cultures play in contemporary societes, in different parts of the world? How are cultures evolving with shifting seasonal patterns, and influencing our daily lives and actvites? What happens when different seasonal frameworks come into contact, clash, or coordinate? And how can we re-pattern our seasonal cultures so that they serve as repertoires for adapting to the intersecting societal challenges we face?

These questions have been driving the CALENDARS research project, and as the project comes to an end in early 2024, we are organising a two-day public symposium at the Arboretum and Fana Folkehøgskule to discuss the findings. The symposium will feature:

  • Four sessions of talks on how seasons change for communities, and how they adapt
  • A book launch for the edited popular science volume 'Changing Seasonality', comprising 35 chapters from authors worldwide
  • A tour of an art exhibition on the theme of seasonality, opening 8 September at the Arboretum, titled: 'A path is a thought stretched out in time and space'
  • A premiere of documentary 'The seasons' by film-maker James Muir
  • Two workshops on the use of film and virtual reality in research on climatic change

Symposium speakers

Session 1:
  • Marjolein Pijnappels – Wondermash: A Speculative Exploration of Eco-Calendars for Modern Society
  • Tanguy Sandré – University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines: Becoming-with ice: Ethnography of human-sea ice relationships in Ittoqqortoormiit (Kalaallit Nunaat)
  • Helen Cornish – Goldsmiths: Enchanting cyclical time: Living through the Wheel of the Year
Session 3:
  • Erik Kolstad – NORCE: Stresses and joys of forecasting the weather
  • Mathias Venning – NORCE and UiB: Co-ordinating adaptation in Ethiopia: The influence of seasonal forecasting on agricultural rhythms
  • Bruce Glavovic – Massey University: A new season for climate change science and praxis? Reflections from the IPCC to the Coromandel Peninsula, Aotearoa New Zealand
Session 2:
  • Werner Krauss – University of Bremen: Weather and Infrastructure: The Flax Road in Northern Germany
  • Mark Thomas Young – University of Vienna: Do Artifacts Have Seasons? Maintenance and the Rhythm of Urban Technologies
  • Vilja Larjosto – Sitowise Group: Seasonal Landscape Strategies, Itaparica Island
Session 4:
  • Simon Meisch – University of Tübingen: Practicing the beekeeping season in Western Norway
  • Scott Bremer – University of Bergen: How seasonal cultures shape adaptation on the Coromandel Peninsula


Please note that all sessions take place at the Auditorium at Fana Folkehøgskule

Monday 11 SeptemberTuesday 12 September

09.00: Bus departs from platform P (bus station)

09.40: Welcome by Scott Bremer

10.00: Session 1

11.00: Coffee

11.15: Session 2

12.15: Lunch at Blondehuset

13.00: Tour of the art exhibition

14.30: Book launch with bubbles

15.15: Bus departs from Arboretet to city centre

16.00: Bus arrives in the city centre

09.00: Bus departs from platform P (bus station)

09.40: Documentary: 'The Seasons' by film-maker James Muir

11.20: Coffee

11.30: Workshops

12.40: Lunch at Blondehuset

13.20: Session 3

14.20: Coffee

14.30: Session 4

15.15: Bus departs from Arboretet to city centre

16.00: Bus arrives in the city centre

Art exhibition on the theme of seasonality

In the art exhibition En sti er en tanke strekt ut i tid og rom (A path is a thought stretched out in time and space), inspired by CALENDARS, six contemporary artists will give the public a new and different experience of the Arboretum - from a virtual recreation of the garden to getting to experience smells and tastes from the Arboretum's flora.

During the symposium, there will be a tour of the exhibition, but if you also want to join the exhibition on opening day 9 September at noon, you can register for a free bus from Bergen to Arboretet and back:

Join the guestlist – En sti er en tanke utstrekt i tid og rom – Aboretet, Sat 9 Sep 2023 12:00 - 16:00 (tickettailor.com)