Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Podcast: Where should we park the trucks?

(14.11.23) Ph.D. Candidate Subina Shrestha on the challenges Bergen faces when planing freight transport in the city centre.

portrait of Subina Shreshta
Subina Shrestha is a PhD candidate at CET and part of the Cityfreight project
Eivind Senneset/UiB

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From the Bergen Public Library website: 

Welcome to a lecture that will give you a new perspective on the city of Bergen!

Academic evenings: Where should we park the trucks?

Garbage trucks, mail delivery vehicles, take-out services, deliveries to stores, and fresh ingredients for your favorite restaurant: Goods transport, or urban logistics, makes your everyday life function. Goods and service transport in the city are like the blood in our body, an essential part that carries what we need to the right place. Therefore, it should be a part of city planning - but it's not – not even in Bergen.

Where should the truck park when unloading goods? How can goods transport become more environmentally friendly? Could it be just as effective to use cargo bikes? In the research project CityFreight, researchers are working to help the municipality address challenges related to plans for goods transport in Bergen. To explore some of these challenges, they organized a workshop in October 2022 with representatives from the public sector and private companies.

In this podcast, Subina Shrestha, a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Climate and Energy Transition at the University of Bergen, talks about the project and presents findings from the workshop.

The podcast is part of the "Academic Evening" series and is a collaboration between Bergen Public Library, the University of Bergen library, NHH (Norwegian School of Economics), and HVL (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences).