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A Second 5 Years!

CISMAC will continue as a Centre of Excellence for another 5 years!

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This last year, CISMAC underwent a resource intensive evaluation process. In the spring of 2017 CISMAC submitted a comprehensive report covering the Centre’s activity for the first 3 ½ years. At the end of May 2017, there was a site visit to Bergen at by members of the Evaluation Committee. In the autumn of 2017, the Evaluation Committee presented their reports and recommendations for the 13 cohort SFF-IIIs.

Midterm Evaluation - main recommendations

The Evaluation Committee concluded that CISMAC’s scientific activities, the research governance, and the strategy were of excellent quality, but that there was room for improvements. The two main recommendations were to create stronger horizontal linkages between research teams and projects and to use a unifying strategic focus to select new studies. CISMAC (along with three other SFFs) was asked to present a revised strategy in 2018, after which RCN would decide whether or not it would receive funding for another 5 years.

CISMAC not only fully endorsed these two main recommendations, but was also appreciative of the other very useful recommendations suggested by the committee, including its mention of the importance of strengthening capacity at all partner institutions to ensure that the consortium is sustainable and able to continue conducting excellent research even beyond its 10 year RCN funding period.

Horisontal Linkage Initiatives

CISMAC has begun initiatives to increase interactions between partners. These include face-to-face workshops, web-based seminars, and providing increased support for collaborative publications and proposal writing.

The response to these initiatives has been very positive and additional initiatives are still under development, such as the establishment of a PhD track in intervention and implementation science and engagement in multi-centre studies.  CISMAC is also sharpening its research focus to further improve the scientific quality of its activities.  

A constructive, positive process

Halvor Sommerfelt, the Centre Director, and Ingvild F. Sandøy, the Centre Deputy Director, say that they found the whole evaluation process to have been of excellent quality and genuinely aimed at strengthening CISMAC’s research and capacity strengthening efforts. They also add that CISMAC’s researchers greatly appreciated the constructive advice, including the report’s final statement which emphasizes the importance of institutional support for CISMAC’s research activities beyond 2023.

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