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Digital Editions with XML: Workshop with Alois Pichler (Bergen) and Max Hadersbeck (München)

How do digital text editions work? What can one do with them that one cannot be made with paper-based critical editions? The leader of the Wittgenstein Archive and his colleague show us what we need to know to get started with digital editions.

Screenshot of letter by Henrik Ibsen with XML metadata
XML is an encoding language where metadata is added to texts, allowing them to be parsed by machines and presented in different ways. This is an example of an XML encoding of a letter Ibsen sent Bjørnson.

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How do XML based online editions work? What can one do with them that one cannot do with other editions? Which advantages can lemmatized and grammar supported search tools offer to one’s research? How does semantic search work? What is semantic faceted search and browsing? These are some of the questions which will be treated and discussed in concrete hands-on sessions in the workshop, and always with the Wittgenstein Archives’ open access online resources as empirical basis. The workshop will also address the legal and practical arrangements that need to be in place for open access online editions of world recognized cultural heritage (such as the Wittgenstein Nachlass is) to work, be sustainable and taken up by the community. 

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A light lunch will be served.