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Digital Whiteness, Decriminalizing History and Queer as Punk scholarship

The Digital Lab invites to a talk about David Carrillo-Rangel`s ongoing research with manuscripts, digital images and digital witnesses of contemporary art performances and how the work with digital images resulted in the exhibition "Decriminalizing History" in the Arts and Humanities Library.

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Main content

David Carrillo-Rangel, PhD Candidate from the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies and professor Aidan Conti will in this breakfast talk have a discussion about David`s ongoing research and dissertation, which is titled "Performing Visions: Queer Visionary Discourses, Materiality and Authority in Birgitta of Sweden’s Autotheories".

David applies queer theory and queer/indecent theology to manuscript studies and contemporary art. He has worked with manuscript digital images and digital witnesses of contemporary art performances as part of his dissertation. This work with digital images was very important in incorporating objects to the exhibition "Decriminalizing History", in some cases with assistance from The Picture Collection at the library.

The exhibition

The exhibition "Decriminalizing History" is a celebration of diversity but also a declaration of queer independence, making visible rights and fights that still affects us. It does so by using queer theories to make past and present touch by juxtaposition. The exhibition is part of the celebration of Skeivt kulturår, 2022 and can be seen in the library from 1st of September and until the end of December. It can also be visited digitally.

Practical information

The talk will be in English and you need to register for this event.