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NVivo Seminar/Workshop

Would you like to know more about a complex software package with analysis tools for qualitative researchers? In this interdisciplinary workshop we will look at the different uses of NVivo software for organising and analysing qualitative data.

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Main content

This workshop is held in English.

What can you expect?

In this seminar, we will look into the Sofware NVivo. NVivo is a program for qualitative analysis, which can be used on unstructured data of different types and in different formats. This is not a course held by experts in NVivo, but rather an interactive seminar/workshop where the aim is to learn from each other and get inspiration.

UiB has an agreement that allows students and staff to use NVivo for UiB-related work (not for commercial use).

In the seminar, different researchers will inform about how they have used NVivo for different purposes:

  • Analysis of open-ended survey responses (Academic Librarian Laura Drivdal),
  • Document analysis (UiB SEAS postdoc Aiste Klimasauskaite) and
  • Anaysis of qualitative interviews (Gov PhD candicate Michael Oduro Asante).

There is also an opening for others to present their use of the tool, and a short worksop session where we collaborately test code a selected document. 

Target Groups

Master students, PhD students and Postdocs / researchers from all disciplines are welcome to attend this workshop. However, there is a limited space so make sure to sign up for the workshop by using this registration form

Required preparations 

This is not a course held by experts in Nvivo, but an interactive workshop. Therefore, before joining the workshop, you must have installed NVivo on your computer. Follow this link to see how to do it.

We also advice to watch these instruction videos: Getting started basics (qsrinternational.com)