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Sushi, manga, karaoke, haiku and zen are all words and concepts that show how visible Japan and Japanese culture has become in our globalized world. Japanese society, where the old and the new live side by side, contains several familiar elements in a foreign-cultural context. The key to increasing our knowledge about this fascinating culture is through the Japanese language. 

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Examination Officer: Turid Daae

The UiB’s Japanese Section currently offers a Bachelor's programme in Japanese where the emphasis is on acquiring knowledge about and learning the language. Students acquire knowledge about Japanese literature and history through the historical and cultural context in which the language is taught. Proficiency in Japanese will make you eminently suitable for work in trade and industry, and in areas such as for example tourism and fish export. 

Important information regarding admission: For applicants who are interested in our bachelor's degrees, please note that all of our undergraduate programmes require proficiency in Norwegian.This applies to all programmes, including foreign languages, as some information and the courses will only be available in Norwegian. The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, NUCAS (Samordna opptak) coordinates the admission to regular undergraduate studies at all the universities, university colleges and state colleges in Norway.