Different courses - how do you apply?

There are spesific criteria for who can attend different courses at UiB. See overview of the different course types, deadlines and procedures for how to apply or sign up for a course.

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Courses are the building blocks of a study programme. Some courses are only available for students admitted to spesific study programmes, while others are open to all UiB students admitted to any of our study program. 

The academic year is divided into two semesters. If you are a full-time student, you must take courses that add up to 30 ECTS credits each semester. The courses vary in size and is normally between 5 and 30 ECTS credits. It will therefore vary how many courses you will take each semester. Read more about the Education System in Norway

Courses taught in English

Applicants must document Norwegian language proficiency to qualify for both undergraduate programmes and courses, with some exceptions listed below. Some postgraduate programmes are taught in English and available for applicants without documentation of Norwegian.

Courses taught in English may be available if you are:

  • already admitted to one of our MA programmes taught in English
  • an incoming exchange student at UiB 
  • a non-UiB student, but want to apply for a single course taught in English (mainly online courses, most of them also with a study fee)
  • a refugee living in Norway

Courses for UiB students already admitted to a study programme

Open courses

Courses available to all students at UiB students admitted to a study programme. You register for these courses in Studentweb, as part of your semester registration at the start of each semester. Read more about Semester Registration.

Restricted courses

Courses that are only available to UiB students admitted to spesific study programmes. 

Open courses on spesific themes

UiB has developed several courses on spesific themes, that are available to all UiB students admitted to any study program. 


The DIGI-course package consists of several minor courses, aiming to increase digital understanding, knowledge and competence for all students. Read more about the DIGI-course package.

Courses on Sustainability

Courses focusing on the UN Sustainability Goals. Read more about SDG-courses

Courses for exchange students

UiB offers a wide range of courses taught in both English and Norwegian for exchange students. Read more about courses for exchange students

Courses available for non-UiB students

Online courses/part-time courses

Some of our courses on bachelor`s and master`s level are developed and designed for those who are not UiB-students, but want to attend a single course. These courses are taught part-time, either online or with a few teaching sessions on campus. These courses will in most cases have a study fee. See overview of single courses taught in English and how to apply for these.

Courses for refugees

Some of our courses are available for refugees. Read more about studies for refugees.

Norwegian language courses

Norwegian language courses are available for both international employees and students. We also offer Norwegian language courses to refugees and immigrants living in Norway. Admission requirements, deadlines and application/registration procedures depends on which category you belong to. Read more about Norwegian language courses

Special courses at the Faculty of Law

Some master level courses at the Faculty of Law are taught in English and are available to law students from other universities in Norway, or as a supplement after having graduated with a Master in Law degree. See course overview and criterias for admission to the Faculty of Law