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Section for epidemiology and medical statistics

Section for epidemiology and medical statistics studies causal mechanisms of various diseases and factors influencing prognosis. We are using data from national health registries, health surveys and biobanks by means of epidemiological design and advanced methodology. We are also developing scientific tools for utilization of our data sources. Three research groups; Research group for genetic epidemiology, Research group for lifestyle epidemiology and Research group for reproductive epidemiology belong to the section. Read more here

Section leader: Tone Bjørge

Prativa Basnet

Twin Pregnancies: women’s health and reproduction

On 15/04/2024 Prativa Basnet defends her PhD dissertation titled “Twin Pregnancies: Long-term Maternal Mortality, Birthweight in Subsequent Pregnancy and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Next Generation” at the University of Bergen.

Honorary Doctorate 2024
Æresdoktor Alberto Ascherio

The new Honorary Doctor hopes to create a vaccine against MS

The new Honorary Doctor at the Faculty of Medicine, Alberto Ascherio, was head of the breakthrough showing that there is a connection between MS and the Epstein-Barr virus. In collaboration with researchers from UiB, he hopes that the next step will be to develop a vaccine against the disease.

Foto av gravid mage og hender som holder rundt magen

Having complicated pregnancies increase the risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases

Researchers from University of Bergen have investigated the relation between 40-year-old women’s pregnancy history and later risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases.

New dissertation
Yeneabeba Tilahun Sima - picture dissertation

Caesarean delivery and women’s health—Beyond the incision

Yeneabeba Tilahun Sima defends her PhD on February 22nd, 2024, at the University of Bergen with the thesis: "Caesarean Delivery and Women’s Health: Population-Based Studies: Trends, Offspring Birthweight, Fecundability and Maternal Cardiovascular Disease Mortality".

C section

Having a C-section is related to difficulties with conceiving

In new study published by researchers at the Department for Global Public Health and Primary Care they found a bidirectional relationship between C-section and the time it takes for a couple to conceive.