UiB Ferd Career Center for Early Stage Researchers
Course for UiB researchers

Boost your career by building international networks

What opportunities are there for early-stage researchers at UiB wanting to go abroad? Why is it valuable to know other researchers from around the world – and how do you find them? In this course we will provide you with valuable insight into the how and why of gaining international experiences and building you own international networks with the goal of boosting your research career. We will discuss challenges and alternatives, as well as practical tips and tools for getting started.

Annette Servan

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On completion of the course, the participants will have acquired knowledge on opportunities for international networking and experiences at UiB and tools for building your own international career.

  • Knowledge about relevant opportunities for funding, mobility, and networking.
  • Knowledge about how to prepare for a stay abroad and where to find assistance.
  • Insight into how and why to build your own international networks.
  • Insight into different ways of engaging internationally and the various challenges you might face.

•    Topic 1: A brief introduction to UiB's international collaborations.
•    Topic 2: Building your international networks. How to embed yourself in a global research community.
•    Topic 3: Exploring options for international experience and engagements. Possible challenges and alternative arenas for international engagement.
•    Topic 4: Practical tips and resources. Funding opportunities and help in planning a research stay abroad.

Target group

This course is developed for phds, postdocs and early stage researchers at UiB. Research support staff is also welcome to participate.


Are Straume, Head of Section at the Division of Research and Innovation, UiB
Annette K. Servan, Senior Adviser, Division of Research and Innovation, UiB
Scott Bremer, Researcher, Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanitites, UiB
Margrethe Bakstad Søvik, Senior Adviser, Division of Research and Innovation, UiB
Jill Anette Opsahl, Senior Adviser, HR adviser international mobility, UiB
Kristin Svartveit, Senior Adviser, Division of Research and Innovation, UiB
Sverre Ole Drønen, Senior Adviser, Division of Research and Innovation, UiB