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The University of Bergen is a project partner in more than a quarter of the applications sent to Norad.
In February Thera Mjaaland defended her thesis on Tigrayan women and girls’ contributions to processes of change in a context where gendered norms in relation to female modesty and morality continue to go largely unquestioned.
At a debate on 19th March both rectoral candidate teams committed to securing and strengthening global and development-related research at UiB.
A new call for applications offers an opportunity to prospective post-doctoral researchers who plan to develop a project in the spring of 2013. The deadline is 15 April.
On 6 March Camilo Pérez-Bustillo, a leading scholar on human rights in Mexico, came to the Resource Centre’s breakfast forum to offer his insight into the deadly drug war between the state and the cartels.
How does religion play into the conceptualisation of poverty, and how can it inspire or inhibit political action? This was the subject of a recent conference in Bergen.
This is the question Professor Kjersti Fløttum and her colleagues have set out to answer by bringing together a number of disciplines in the LINGCLIM project.
Global and development-related research is one of UiB’s two priority areas. UiB Global's newsletter highlights the scope and diversity of this field at the University of Bergen.
Tanzania has one doctor for every 30,000 inhabitants, leading the CIH and a Tanzanian partner institution to mount a medical capacity building project. The results can be seen in a short film produced by UiB.
The leader of the CMI library and the Bergen Resource Centre for International Development has retired after more than forty years, but students, researchers and the public will continue to enjoy the fruits of her labour.
This new CROP Poverty Brief discuss how accurate the assessments of poverty reduction are, and if it is analytically correct to credit the MDGs with being a major driver of poverty reduction.
The newsletter is a way of sharing with CROPNet, colleagues and friends the events and news that involved CROP during the second semester of 2012.
A new transdisciplinary project led by Professor Maurice Mittelmark at the University of Bergen has received funding from the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN).
An international workshop on “The Political Economy of Poverty and Social Transformations of the Global South” took place in the Egyptian Capital, December 10-12.
The Bergen Summer Research School 2013 will take place from June 17th to June 29th. The deadline for applications has been extended to 17th of March.
At a seminar on 14 December the author of "Neurology in Africa" told the story behind the book. UiB representatives described it as an ideal for the future.
Why do many Norwegians pass over sustainable groceries? This is what Daniel Hanss set out to find out in his PhD project.
Poverty research has long concentrated on Low Income Countries. At a recent workshop in Cape Town researchers took the initiative to change the focus.