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Nils Anfinset went to Palestine to do archaeological research for his PhD in 2002 − the most intense phase of the second Intifada. Today he teaches a class in research ethics.
UiB’s Vice-rector for international affairs, Professor Anne Christine Johannessen, praises Fredrik Barth and Gunnar Håland as the pioneers of the co-operation between UiB and the University of Khartoum.
Independent policy research organisations are rapidly emerging in the Global South, but little is known about their interaction with universities and policymakers.
UiB anthropologists go to Tanzania to secure footage of secret ritual that is about to die out. This film provides a close encounter with anthropologists and the people they study.
The Wolof words jàmm (peace/ unity), jom (respect/dignity) and mun (patience/perseverance) are central to values held by many of Senegal’s communities.
“Education is the key to lifting more people out of poverty,” says Anne Christine Johannessen, the University of Bergen’s new Vice-Rector for International Affairs.
Feedback from the participants reveals that Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) continues to challenge students with new ideas and interdisciplinary approaches.
The 2013/2014 issue of Hybro International, the annual research and education magazine of the University of Bergen with a focus on global and international issues
Central to the creation of Centre for International Health, Professor Nilsen is most proud of his role in establishing the multidisciplinary doctoral title.
Tens of millions in funding from NORHED will give UiB the opportunity to be part of eleven joint projects with universities in low and middle income countries (LMIC).
Social scientists Tor Halvorsen and Peter Vale have edited a new book which argues for open academic discussion, free from the constraints imposed by the business model of university management.
Inger Elisabeth Måren, Vigdis Vandvik and Howaida Faisal Abdelrahman are hard at work with only weeks remaining before the start of the Summer School.
The complexity of the fundamental problems facing humanity requires academia to re-examine its own role. This was the topic of a recent workshop at UiB.
The new bachelor programme in Chinese has received a surprisingly large number of applications. The Faculty of the Humanities are already making plans to expand in order to welcome more students.
Professor Maria Petmesidou is a visiting researcher at UiB and CROP, and brings valuable insight into the socio-economically volatile situation in Greece.
The Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, has a vacant PhD position related to International Migration and Ethnic Relations.
A new multidisciplinary project seeks to uncover how texts produce and reproduce notions of poverty in agenda setting media in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.
Many Norwegian stakeholders work actively to improve the access to and the quality of health services at a global scale. The Centre for International Health is one of them.