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Three years have passed since the SENUPH II project started. Here you can learn more about some of the project's achievements.
Dr. Wongani Kumwenda from the PRICE project is a first year MMed in the Nkhoma family medicine program, and she recently attended the WONCA conference in Sydney, Australia.
At this event in Brussels on 23 January 2024, researchers from the University of Bergen and NORCE presented and discussed new and pressing democracy issues with policy makers and experts from the European Commission and stakeholder organizations.
The NORHED-programme is currently in its second phase but we also share news on NORHED I-projects. The Survival Pluss project is one example of a project that was part of NORHED I, where results based on the work in the project continue to be reported.
MIT and University of Bergen launch Global Seed Fund for humanities and social sciences research. With a maximum award of $30,000, the fund will spark fresh research avenues and bolster existing projects. Application deadline is December 12.
Read about the impact of one of the NORHED I projects.
The need for strengthening research and education in the Arctic was in the spotlight as the University of Arctic (UArctic) Board visited Bergen 12.-13. april.
The international research project PROTECT has produced a set of policy recommendations on how to improve refugee protection. At an upcoming conference in Brussels, the recommendations will be showcased to leading figures within policymaking and civil society.
The University of Bergen has provided input to the EU Commission on priorities for Horizon Europe in the next period of the programme, 2025-2027. The recommendations have been submitted today in a position paper, as part of UiB’ s response to the Open Consultation on the next Strategic Plan for Horizon Europe.
Interested in visiting UC Berkeley? Apply for the Peder Sather Grant Program to collaborate with one of the best universities in the world. Deadline is April 1st.
The University of Bergen (UiB) and NORCE Norwegian Research Centre have joined forces to give input to the European Commission on ocean-related research and innovation in Horizon Europe. Read the key messages here.
At the 2022 Coimbra Group Annual Conference in Padova, Margareth Hagen, the rector of the University of Bergen was elected to the Rectors` Advisory Group.
Digitalization does not only change the way we teach and do research, it also changes the research questions themselves, as well as the competencies needed in an education fit for the future. UiB now calls for proposals from research groups, departments or study programs seeking to enhance their research or teaching related to digitalization.
Linguistics professor Vadim Kimmelman receives high-level funding from the EU. Now he will be able to build a research team and explore different properties in five different sign languages.
Have you ever considered doing a research stay abroad to broaden your scientific horizon? Postdoctor Sylvia Varland recently returned from a 2-year research stay at University of Toronto. Learn more about her scientific adventure and cultural experiences.
Dilemmas in implementing rapid transformation of the energy system to reach the Paris targets are many. Our expert panel present and discuss major challenges and possible conflicts between the SDG goals.
" Archeology is a fascinating way to learn about human evolution because it opens up to all disciplines and allows us to look at human behavior from a holistic perspective".
Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. Scientists from UiB have worked together with communities around Sylhet, in northeast Bangladesh, in search of new ways for understanding and adapting to the climate.