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International delegation meets Bergen Arctic research

The need for strengthening research and education in the Arctic was in the spotlight as the University of Arctic (UArctic) Board visited Bergen 12.-13. april.

UArctic Board Meeting in Bergen

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This week the UArctic Board visited Bergen for a two-day board meeting. Director of the Nansen Center, Tore Furevik, is a member of the board led by the Swedish philanthropist Frederik Paulsen. The UArctic Board also includes rectors from the University of Oulu and the University of Alaska, among others.

In occasion of their visit, rector Margaret Hagen invited the board to a welcoming reception at Knut Fægris Hus Wednesday afternoon. There they were introduced to a few representatives from the Bergen Arctic research communities.

In her reception speech, Margareth Hagen emphasised UiBs long history of exploring and researching the polar regions. She also mentioned the importance of international research collaboration in the Arctic:

-Collaboration is particularly important in polar research due to the unique and challenging nature of studying these regions. And as the Arctic becomes warmer, at a pace four times faster than the rest of the globe, and with unpredictable consequences, there is more need for arctic research and education than ever before. During these troubling geopolitical times, collaboration in the Arctic is also perhaps particularly challenging. UArctic thus certainly has an important role to play, Hagen said in her speech.

Chair of the UArctic Board, Frederik Paulsen, was impressed by the unique collection of strong research groups concerned with the Arctic in Bergen:

the overwhelming list of units in Bergen with a strong mandate on Arctic research. Oceans, climate, people, politics. It is an honor to UArctic and the Board to visit such a hub of Arctic knowledge-generation, the chairman stated.

The visit was concluded with a dinner at Ulriken together with rector Margareth Hagen, Vice rector for international affairs Benedicte Carlsen, and dean Gunn Mangerud.

The next UArctic Board meeting will be in November in Nome, Alaska. In May/June next year, the Arctic Congress 2024 and UArctic Assembly Meeting will be organized in Bodø, Norway.