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Democracy and Its Rivals: Plato's Statesman and Laws

Bergen Ancient Philosophy Symposium 2018

Øynenen på helligportløven med applonhulen plassert mellom øynene
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0930-1130      KEYNOTE: Plato on the Nature of Rule - Melissa Lane (Princeton University)

1130-1230      Democratic Anarchy: The Power of Drama in Plato's Statesman - Olof Pettersson (Uppsala University)

1230-1345      Lunch

1345-1445      The Art of Statesmanship as Weaving in Plato’s Statesman - Kristin Sampson (University of Bergen)

1445-1530      The Politics of Law - Oda Tvedt  (Uppsala University)

1530-1545      Coffee & tea

1545-1630      Sign of the Times: Bureaucracy as the Fate of Democracy in the Statesman - Charlotta Weigelt (Södertörn University)

1630-1700      Power and Decision-Making - Hallvard Fossheim (University of Bergen)

1900               Conference dinner



1000-1130      KEYNOTE: Polis and Cosmos in Plato's Political Thought - Ryan Balot (University of Toronto)

1130-1230      ‘An origin for political culture’: Laws III as Political Thought and Intellectual History - Carol Atack (University of Oxford)

1230-1345      Lunch

1345-1445      Tyranny in the Statesman and Laws - Franco Trivigno (University of Oslo)

1445-1515      Variations of Social Psychology in Plato’s Political Thinking – Knut Ågotnes (University of Bergen)

1515-1545      Division of Forms and Questions of Honour in Plato’s Statesman - Kristian Larsen (University of Bergen)

1545-1600      Coffee & tea

1600-1615      Thinking ahead (plenary discussion)



The symposium is free of charge. Advance registration is compulsory for those wishing to attend. Please register with Kirsten.Bang@uib.no before May 15th.


Room 208, Dept. of Philosophy, Sydnesplassen 12-13, Bergen