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How to write a good calendar listing

Good advice about the text, images, links and formatting of calendar listings on the University website.

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  • Time, place, contact person and the type of event must always be filled in.
  • Be clear about what the target group is. Is it uib.no internally, only those who have signed up, or anyone who is interested? 


  • The calendar in Norwegian shall only have listings in Norwegian, and the calendar in English shall only have listings in English.
  • The title should be short and explain what the event is. Titles should be five to seven words.
  • The introductory paragraph should be no more than 25 words, and should expand on the information in the title.
  • The body of the listing should provide further information about the event, lecturer or issues that will be addressed. The body should have no more than 3,200 characters, but could be shorter.
  • If you want more tabs, for instance if an event takes place over several days, use "Heading 2" to format the tab headings.


  • A good image can help put your event on the front pages of the areas on uib.no.
  • Find a picture of the lecturer or use a photo illustrating the topic.
  • Always clear copyrights. Write the name of the photographer and/or where the picture is from.