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Report your needs to the Communication division, or contact the communication adviser in your Faculty.

All types of inquiries to the Communication division can be relayed in Issuetracker: «KA, Kommunikasjon»

Contact persons in the Faculties:

The Communication division consists of four groups divided into two sections and support staff. 

Support staff

The support staff has administrative tasks related to the operation of the division and are responsible for the Marketing shop and the administration of access to the Colourbox imaging service.

Senior Executive Officer: Ingeborg Revheim

Seksjon for desk, fakultetsstøtte, prosjekt og profilering

Section Manager: Mathilde Holm

The section consists of two groups. 

Gruppe for desk og fakultetsstøtte includes a central desk that produces and coordinates materials for UiB's main channels online, on paper and in social media. The desk consists of a manager and three staff members, as well as the communication advisers working in the Faculties. 

Group leader: Olaf Erlend Gundersen

Gruppe for prosjekt og profilering is in charge of internal communication, project support, communication support for subsidised and commissioned activities, UiB Alumni and events organised by UiB centrally, such as the Christie conference. 

Group leader: Kirsti Brekke

Seksjon for design og digitalt and the learning and communication lab

Section Manager: Hans-Petter Isaksen

The section consists of two groups.

Gruppe for design og digitalt is responsible for graphic design online and on paper, for website development and for the administration of uib.no. 

Group leader: Trude Leknes

Group for the learning and communication lab is responsible for the development of digital teaching and dissemination. The learning and communication lab is associated with the DigUiB programme and will be established in Media City Bergen from the autumn of 2017. 

Group leader: Kjell Øvre Helland