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Renting guesthouses

42 rooms, studios and flats available to rent for guest researchers, new international employees and other guests of UiB.

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Guesthouses are primarily rented to UiB units so they can sublet to their guests and new international employees. As no deposit is required, the UiB unit renting is liable in case of damage to the housing. Prices quoted are per month, no prorating. Rental period from 3 weeks to 6 months, booking up to 6 months ahead of arrival date.

Search for availability in the electronic booking calendar.

Send requests for rental using the Electronic Application form.

Please provide the following information:

·         Institute or department placing the request
·         Arrival date
·         Departure date
·         Number of guests
·         Invoice to
·         Invoicing address
·         Request placed by
·         Email address
·         Name of guest
·         Email address
·         Guest’s connection to UiB
·         Other requests (e.g.  to reserve a special guest house)

Guidelines for rental of guesthouses at UIB.

UiB employees can publish For Rent / Rental Wanted ads, both domestic and abroad, through the UiB “Internal Market” website.

Questions can be addressed to housing@uib.no or Doreen Ryland – ph. +47 55 58 20 28.