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Ouriginal User Manual

We use Ouriginal for electronic plagiarism control. Ouriginal checks available text on the Internet, UiB assignments already controlled by Ouriginal and all UiB assignments checked by UiB’s previous vendor Ephorus. Master’s theses delivered in Studentweb are automatically sent to Ouriginal if a controller has been defined in the student record system FS. The same applies to assignments submitted in UiB Oppgåveseminar (Office365 via Mitt UiB). Texts submitted in "Assignments" in Mitt UiB can be checked automatically if desired.

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Automatic transfer of Master's theses from Studentweb

The transfer takes place automatically if a person (the controller) has been assigned the role of PLAGIATANS for the study element in FS. An Ouriginal analysis account is created automatically. 

Assignments are sent to the controller's analysis account. Ouriginal sends the similarity reports back to the controller's UiB email account. Uninteresting email reports can be deleted without further notice as they will be available in Ouriginal’s Web Inbox in any case. It is recommended to use folders and rules both in your email software and in your Ou riginalWeb Inbox to keep track of the reports, especially if you are checking multiple assignments at once.

Automatic transfer from Oppgåveseminar (Office 365 in Mitt UiB)

The transfer from “UiB Oppgåveseminar” to Ouriginal takes place automatically if a person (the controller) has been assigned the role of PLAGIATANS for the study element in FS. An Ouriginal analysis account is created automatically.

  • If a plagiarism controller is assigned in FS, all submissions for all assignments of that course will be checked for plagiarism.
  • If the submissions should not be checked automatically you must ensure that no plagiarism controller is assigned for the course in FS.

Time of submission is determined by the last submission deadline in the assignment list. This is how to control the submission time:

  • If all the answers are to be checked at the same time after the last submission, all assignments must be created and be given a deadline before students start to deliver the first assignment, and managed by creating all the tasks at once or one at a time in the course of the semester.
  • If the answers are not to be submitted gradually and when the deadline for the assignment in question has expired, you must create one assignment at a time. The second assignment can only be created when the deadline for delivering the first assignment has expired.

Automatic submission from Assignments in Mitt UiB

The transfer from Assignments to Ouriginal takes place automatically if a person (the controller) has been assigned the role of PLAGIATANS for the study element in FS, AND Plagiarism Review has been set to “UiB Plagiatkontroll” for that particular assignment. An Ouriginal analysis account is created automatically.

  • You choose whether the papers should be checked for plagiarism at the assignment level.
  • Once you have chosen to deliver your papers online, you will have the option to choose whether they should be checked for plagiarism.
  • The answers are sent for control when the delivery deadline has expired.

Plagiarism controller in FS

The plagiarism controller is defined by the FS person role PLAGIATANS.

  • The Ouriginal analysis account is created automatically (unless the person already has an account).
  • When you enter PLAGIATANS in FS, please leave the Notes field blank. The system automatically finds both analysis and email addresses.
  • Any given subject may only have one plagiarism controller at any given time.

Before submission

File types

Supported file types: DOC, DOCX, SXW, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, WPS, ODT, PDF

Note: You cannot control scanned documents of any kind. Scanned documents are photographs and cannot be analysed by a text recognition system. 

File name

It is the file name that identifies the submissions in the document list in Ouriginal. Appropriate file names provide the best overview.

With automatic transmission of answers, the systems ensure that the file name has the necessary information (subject/student identifier).

More on manual submission

Anyone who knows the controller's analysis address can submit assignments as email attachments. The controller can also upload directly in Ouriginal.

Submit via email

  • Use the controller's analysis address. It looks like this: ' jane.doe.uib@analys.urkund.se'
  • Subject text: For example, the course code, task type and semester for easy retrieval and sorting of the reports.
  • Attach the document.
  • Zip files are accepted, but may result in an error message. The name of the zip file will be included in the file name in Ouriginal. 
  • Create zip file: Right-click the file folder. Select the option Add file to zip.
  • Send zip file: Right-click the zip folder and select Send To email recipient. Send the email to the relevant analysis account.

Direct upload in Ouriginal

  • Log in to Ouriginal
  • Select ‘Upload documents’
  • Select your analysis account
  • Subject text: For example, the course code, task type and semester for easy identification and sorting of the reports.


  • Press 'Find tasks'- find and highlight the files as you normally would. Press Send/Submit to upload the selected documents.


  • Open the explorer next to the Ouriginal window. 
  • Locate the folder with task files. 
  • Drag the files into the document pane in Ouriginal. Also works with zip files.

After submission

Note that it takes time, in some cases up to 24 hours before the report is ready. If you have not changed the default settings in Ouriginal, you will receive an email when the report is finished. If necessary, check your spam filter.

Many controllers never need to log in to their Urkund Web Inbox. They get the information they need in the email report. For others, it may be beneficial to work in the Ouriginal Web Inbox.

Reports and sorting in Ouriginal

You find the documents in a folder with the same name as your analysis account. You can sort by: 

  • significance score
  • Urkund ID
  • file name
  • file size
  • word count
  • submitter account
  • submission date

On the left you will find icons for review status, message, text retrieval, alerts, and significance score. Hover your mouse pointer over the legend icon for explanation. Click the significance score to open the report.

Organising reports

You can create folders and move the documents to the folders.

  1. Folder overview. You always have at least one folder.
  2. You can create new folders.
  3. After you create a folder, you can select all the documents you need and move them to that folder.
  4. You can move folders.
  5. You can change the folder information/name.

Interpreting analysis reports

The reports are coloured and show similarity with one hit text at a time.

The student’s submitted text is shown on the left hand side of the main screen, and the external source text is displayed on the right hand side. You can select/change texts to compare the student text with in the dialog box at the top right. If the same text has been entered multiple times, you can easily opt out of hits by unticking this hit. Similarly, you can opt out of other texts which is not reasonable to compare with, or when the relevant match is recognised as a correct citation.

When you are inside a report in Ouriginal: Click Help on the right-hand side of the centre line to get a chart with an overview of features and icon explanations.

Examples of functionality:

  • Share the report with
  • Download the PDF version of the report/use the submitted report
  • Mark text typed within quotation marks ""
  • Mark text typed within brackets ( )
  • Remove check marks at irrelevant matches
  • Send the report as an email attachment

High significance score – a few possible explanations

The significance score may be high because answers (downloaded from Inspera Assessment) often contain the assignment formulation, applicant declaration, etc. – text that is identical or at least similar in all the answers. By entering the interactive report, you can untick such irrelevant hits and the score will go down.

In cases where a 100% score is registered is usually due to a document being submitted twice, or that the submitted file contained only the text and the declaration, and no actual answer. A low word count (indicated on the right of the list) also indicates a technical error.

Suspicious assignment?

Follow the guidelines for your department/faculty. The procedure is described in How to deal with suspicion of cheating.