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GPU Programming: Why, When and How?

This is a two day online course given on Friday 9th and Monday 12th of June.

Main content

On June 16 there will additionally be an optional mini-hackathon event where you are invited to bring your own code, that you want to port to GPUs, and get expert help from mentors.

Aim of the workshop

  • Understand why and when to use GPUs.
  • Become comfortable with key concepts in GPU programming.
  • Acquire a comprehensive overview of different software frameworks, what levels they operate at, and which to use when.
  • Learn the fundamentals in at least one framework to a level which will enable you to quickly become a productive GPU programmer.

This workshop is based on a multilateral collaboration between GPU programming specialists from KTH in Sweden, HPC2N in Umeå, CSC in Finland, NRIS in Norway, Aarhus University in Denmark, Vilnius University in Lithuania, Aalto University in Finland, and ENCCS. It is meant to help both software developers and decision makers navigate the GPU programming landscape and make more informed decisions on which languages or frameworks to learn and use for their projects.

Visit the course page for  registration and further details https://enccs.se/events/2023-06-gpu-programming/