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Employees at UiB can make use of the Student Welfare Organisation's sports facilities.

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Many of the activities are organised so that you can exercise immediately before or after work. In addition, the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen) lets university employees who want to cycle, jog or walk to work use their changing rooms.

Physical activity during working hours

From autumn 2015, it is possible to exercise up to 1 hour per week during working hours, after approval from your leader. Terms of how physical activity can be carried out are drawn-up (NO).  All activities must be clarified with leader.

Local activities with coworkers is encouraged. As an alternative, it is possible to participate in group activity with an instructor at Studentsenteret or Årstadveien 25 from week 35.  During these hours are the swimming pool and gym also available for UiB employees.


  • Monday 15.15-16.00
  • Thursday 07.30-08.15

SiB training pass

UiB employees who purchase a Sammen training pass have access to all of Sammens sports facilities and can take advantage of all the services and classes. New members must buy a training pass from one of the training centres during opening hours, whereas existing members can buy or renew their training pass online. There are also drop-in classes for people who do not wish to join.

Special fitness classes for UiB employees after working hours

Sammen organises special classes for UiB employees. University employees can show up unannounced to an exercise class; advance booking is not necessary. Contact Sammen for updated information about time and type of exercise class, or follow the page " Trening for UiB og Sammen ansatte"(NO) på Facebook. Employees who are not Sammen members must pay a fee of NOK 80 per class.

Swimming pool

There is a 25 x 12.5 m swimming pool at the Student Centre, with six lanes and 1 and 3 m springboards. The water temperature is approx. 27 oC. The pool is only open to UiB employees and students. It is open from 7 AM to 10 PM (7 AM to 9 PM on Fridays), offering excellent opportunities for a swim before or after work.

Changing rooms

All UiB employees, regardless of whether they have joined Sammen or not, have the right to use Sammens changing rooms, which is particularly useful for people who like to cycle or run to work. Simply show your employee ID card at reception.

The University sports club

The university has an active sports club that all employees and their spouses are welcome to join.