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Information about cleaning, washdowns and the indoor climate

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Daily cleaning at the UiB is carried out by both our own cleaners and external cleaning agencies. Cleaning is undertaken in accordance with defined cleaning intervals for various types of areas and in accordance with the NS INSTA 800 cleaning standards.

Indoor climate

Maximum dust levels on all surfaces have been specified in order to maintain a good indoor environment.

Daily cleaning

  • Two in-house cleaners clean the SV Building in Fosswinkelsgate 6. 
  • Coor, a cleaning provider, undertakes cleaning at the UiB's other 87 buildings.

All cleaning up to a height of 3 metres is included in daily cleaning.

Our cleaning contracts are governed to the Norwegian Public Procurement Act. These are the responsibility of Principal Housekeeping Officer Anette Blich, in conjunction with the UiB’s Procurement Office.  

The following cleaning intervals have been introduced

  • Offices are cleaned once a week.
  • Toilets, main entrances and busy areas are cleaned five days a week.
  • Other areas are cleaned in accordance with their anticipated usage.  

What users need to do themselves

  • Users must keep their furnishings and fixtures tidy, e.g. desks, papers, shelves and windowsills. This will affect periodic cleaning and the quality of cleaning.
  • Users must place waste in the waste containers provided.
  • Cardboard and waste paper: users must take recycled paper and cardboard cartons to the nearest waste room and empty them into the container provided.

The following are services which we order:

  • Washing down offices
  • Cleaning and washing after premises have been vacated: the Rehabilitation/Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that buildings are cleaned and washed down so that they are returned to their original condition before anyone moves in. The cleaning and washing of buildings is considered to be part of the project in question and is therefore ordered by the Project Manager.
  • Periodic cleaning: all cleaning at heights above 3 metres is regarded as periodic cleaning and needs to be ordered.
  • Washing the windows on the UiB’s buildings is carried out once a year.

Contact at our current supplier, Coor:

Work for which the user shall bear the costs involved: 

External and internal users shall be responsible for ordering these services. Orders shall be submitted directly to the provider on UiB's Basware ordering system. 

Non-conformance and other enquiries:

Operational non-conformance, such as complaints about the quality of cleaning, shall be reported as a demand in Lydia or directly to the Cleaning Manager, Soveig Gjerstad (solveig.gjerstad@uib.no).

Any questions about the current agreement between the UiB and Coor shall be submitted to Principal Housekeeping Manager, Anette Blich (anette.blich@uib.no).

Quarterly NS INSTA 800 external physical checks are carried out of our buildings in order to ensure that they comply with the contractual quality specified. Solveig Gjerstad is responsible for undertaking such checks.

Bygg nummerlisten (The Building Number List) shows which buildings are on the Cleaning Contract.