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Information on cleaning, extensive cleaning and indoor air quality.

Daily cleaning at UiB is carried out by both in-house cleaners and an external cleaning agency. Cleaning is conducted in accordance with defined cleaning frequencies for different types of areas and pursuant to the cleaning standard INSTA 800.

Indoor air quality

In order to maintain good indoor air quality, requirements have been established that relate to maximum dust levels on all surfaces.

Daily cleaning.

  • Five internal cleaners clean three of UiB's buildings.
  • An external cleaning agency carries out daily cleaning in UiB's other buildings.

    Area 1: Toma
    Area 2: Toma
    Area 3: Ren Pluss
    Area 4: ABSS

    All cleaning up to 3 metres high is included in the daily cleaning.
    The agreements are renewed every fourth year through competitive tendering.

The following cleaning frequencies have been implemented.

  • The offices are cleaned one day a week.
  • Toilets, main entrances and heavily trafficked areas are cleaned five days a week.
  • Other areas have been assigned frequencies based on expected loads.

What the users have to do themselves.

  • The user must look after the furniture and furnishings such as the desk, papers, shelves and window sills. This will affect the periodic cleaning and quality of the cleaning.
  • The user must throw away rubbish in the rubbish baskets.
  • Cardboard and paper waste:
    Users must transport recyclable paper and cardboard containers themselves to the nearest waste storage area and empty the containers.

Needs are reported using the notification system (Lydia).

  • Extensive office cleaning.
  • Extensive cleaning upon vacating the premises.
    The project manager for renovation or KOV projects is responsible for the cleaning of the property being conducted such that the areas are ready for new occupancy.
    Cleaning of the property is considered to be part of the project and is therefore ordered by the project manager.
  • Periodic cleaning:
    All cleaning over 3 metres high is periodic cleaning and must be ordered.
    Cleaning of curtains and windows.

When ordering a service, please note the cost centre code for invoicing.