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The Suitability Committee

The committee follows up the Regulations relating to Sustainability in Higher Education.

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Special suitability assessment rules have been established to ensure that individual students are suitable for their future occupations:

-          1-year programme in educational theory and practice

-          Pharmacy

-          Medicine

-          Psychology

-          Odontology

-          Dental hygiene programme

-          Clinical nutrition

In addition, students are subject to a continuous suitability assessment throughout their studies. This assessment forms part of an overall assessment of the student's professional, pedagogical and personal qualifications for functioning in the relevant occupation.

Section 4-10 of the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges and the Regulations relating to Suitability in Higher Education contain provisions concerning suitability assessments. A Suitability Committee has been established at the University of Bergen, chaired by the Pro-Rector. The Pro-Rector has also been assigned responsibility for suitability.