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The Central Election Committee

Elections at the University are held every four years. This does not apply to temporary academic staff and students; these two groups elect their representatives every year.

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The Central Election committee's mandate

The Central Election Committee is responsible for organizing the election of the rector, pro-rector and members of the University board. The Committee also provides guidance for the election committees at the faculties. Also, the Central Election Committee decides all matters relating to the elections, except when the relevant regulations expressly state otherwise. The committee also processes appeals from the  election committees of the faculties and departements and manages the voters' register.

The secretariat to the Committee is the University Director’s office.

Members of the committee

MembersSubstitute members
Eirik Holmøyvik, leaderRaimondas Ibenskas
Gunnar Grendstad, deputy 
Sergej TchirkovNina-Margrethe Tennebekk Theodorsen
Grete Line SimonsenHenning Simonsen
Andrea Grimnes 
Venesa Hulaj

Beenish Khan