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There are many interesting and informative web sites dealing with marine science. Here is a list of some.

Please contact us at post@geobio.uib.no to suggest others.

Environmental Knowledge for Change

GRID-Arendal is a collaborating centre of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).  Established  in 1989  by the Government of Norway as a Norwegian Foundation, our mission is to communicate environmental information to policy-makers and facilitate environmental decision-making for change.  We are based in Arendal, Norway and have offices in Ottawa, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden

GRID web site     GRID's marine programme

Ocean Leadership

Ocean Leadership's Vision: Our vision is a global society that views its own well-being as intimately connected to the ocean.

Deep Earth Academy facilitates and develops programs and materials based on scientific ocean drilling expeditions and Earth Systems Science to strengthen students' science, mathematics, and analytical skills. Our approach includes use of authentic data, inquiry-centered activities and interdisciplinary explorations drawing from the adventures of the JOIDES Resolution ship and the earlier ocean drilling ship; the Glomar Challenger.

Ocean Leadership web site      Deep Earth Academy