Centre for Geobiology

Annual Report 2011

Year 2011 has truly been an eventful year for the Centre for Geobiology (CGB).

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In 2011 the CGB passed its mid-term evaluation. The international panel that evaluated the Centre concluded that the establishment of CGB has been successful, and that the Centre’s performance in the first three years has been “exceptionally good”. For the Centre’s core group of researchers reading the many positive comments by the international experts has been both encouraging and rewarding.

The curiosity-driven research that forms the basis for the Centre’s activities is now also resulting in a portfolio of more applied research projects. Only a few years ago deep-sea research was regarded as an exotic academic activity. Today there is a growing demand for knowledge about this environment in order for government leaders to make informed socially relevant decisions. In a wide range of areas from new process-relevant enzymes to new metal source, the deep-sea is becoming a frontier for resource prospecting.

To the right (under 'Download Files') you will find the CGB Annual Report with a brief overview over the Centre’s activities in 2011 together with a few principal figures. For the online-version please refer the following link CGB Annual Report 2011.