Department of Geography
Master project

Agricultural innovation in Arun Valley, Nepal

My master project is about agricultural innovation in Arun Valley, Nepal: innovation capacity in response to climatic and non-climatic uncertainties.

Household survey.
Household survey.

Main content

Himalayan farmers and their farming systems have several issues and challenges where agriculture occupies the vital place. The major challenge being faced is to raise the farmer’s innovative capacity and bring innovations in farming practices for the environmentally sustainable and economically viable food production that eventually led to cope and adapt with increasing climatic and non-climatic uncertainties. In such situation, this research particularly focuses on assessing innovative practices in agriculture in Arun Valley in the Himalayan region. By identifying various actors in the agricultural landscape, this study analyzes how socio-economic and environmental actors shape and mediate farmer’s innovative practices. It also analyzes whether farmer’s innovative practices make them more adaptive or not to cope with climatic and non-climatic uncertainties. The broader task of this research is to develop the explicit understanding of how innovation in agriculture emerges.

Innovation is chosen as a fundamental analytical concept in the process of understanding local-level agricultural dynamics and farmer’s innovative capacity. This is based on the conceptualization of both concepts “innovation system” and “innovative places” that helps to empirically scrutinize the process of innovation in the Himalayan farming system.

Fieldwork experiences

In the way of pragmatic contextualization of the issue, field work in Arun valley of Nepal provided me significant insights and comprehensive field knowledge. The open and flexible interactions among the local farmers helped me to frame local knowledge with pre-existed though of agricultural innovation. The semi-structure questionnaires, some key informant’s interviews and group discussions were vital methodological tools which played complementary roles to each other making effective field work process. I also enjoyed meeting with local people and places.

Studying geography in Bergen

As a student of Geography, the academic platform that I have got in University of Bergen is most momentous and appreciated. Well organized knowledge sharing atmosphere, knowledge intensive updated courses and highly competent academic professionals have significantly boosted up my geographical understandings and research competencies.

I think, the interplay between geographic research and subjective thoughts in a resourceful environment has terrifically flourished in the University of Bergen. So this is one of the preeminent academic platforms to step up academic career those who are aiming to achieve.


Tor Halfdan Aase