Department of Geography

Remote Sensing and GIS monthly workshop

GIS and Remote Sensing are currently some of the most sort after skills for graduates within Geoscience and Geography, both within academia and industry. The Department of Geography will be running a monthly practical workshop throughout the spring semester covering a variety of GIS and Remote Sensing skills.

Benjamin Aubrey Robson

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The workshops will take place on the second Friday in every month between 14:00 and 17:00 in the GIS lab, Department of Geography. The workshops will be informal and all are welcome.

The first workshop will take place on Friday the 9th of February and will focus on generating Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from satellite data and working out volume changes of a glacier. We plan to cover topics of interest for both human geographers as well as physical geographers and earth scientists.

Possible topics for the spring include:

  • Automated land cover mapping
  • Space Syntax
  • Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing
  • Automating GIS through modelbuilder
  • Automating field data collection by using forms on ArcGIS online
  • Crowdsourcing and extracting data from Twitter
  • Using R as a GIS Tool
  • InSAR methods for archaeology and risk assessment

If there is a particular skill you would like to learn or if you have something to share, please email Gidske.Andersen@uib.no or Benjamin.Robson@uib.no. If you are interested in regular updates on GIS and RS from us, please sign up at GEOGIS.