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Odd Inge Steen

Odd Inge Steen is associate professor in human geography, supervising students in development geography and geographical education.

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Research interests

Odd Inge Steen has his background in development geography with main focus on NGO (non-governmental organisations) activity in the informal sector – both on local and organisational level. He has conducted research on NGOs in several countries, including Zimbabwe and India. He is now primarily working on geographical education challenges in the Norwegian secondary school system.

He is responsible for the course in theory of science and research design for geographers and the course in geographical education (offered to geography students- as a part of the teacher training program at UiB).

Suggested master thesis topics

Topic 1. Geography education. Problem: Challenges in geography teaching & education. Main focus: Sustainable development

Topic 2. NGOs. Critical challenges for NGOs in non-formal education and NGOs working on the integration of refugees.

Topic 3. Sustainable development: Impact assessment of local/ national intervention in vulnerable areas (wind mills, national parks etc.)