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Support for proposal preparation at GFI

Employees at GFI get help and support for planning and writing proposals:

How to draft a project proposal

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Administrative help


Time before call deadline

Your contribution

GFI/Mat-Nat service      

 RC= Research Coordinator; HoA = Head of Admin; PE = Project economist      

As soon as call is out / at least 6 weeks


  • Assign a project economist to you (RC)

  • Send general information on proposal preparation (RC)

  • Find call-specific information (RC)

  • Find successful proposals to similar calls (RC)

  • For EU proposals, SFF, INFRA, etc: establish contact to advisors at Division of Research management (RC)

  • For newcomers: coaching and training, help with developing your idea into a proposal (RC)
4-6 weeks
  • Open proposal in online portal, share with HoA, RA and PE

  • Define project partners

  • Fill in parts online proposal - admin info, partner info (RC)

  • Send guidelines for budget preparation (PE)

2-5 weeks
  • Plan budget with PE

  • Discuss planned positions and GFI in-kind with HoA

  • Project description to research coordinator (if you want mock evaluation)
  • Prepare, discuss and check the draft budget (PE)

  • Prepare/request support letters (RC)

  • Mock evaluation of project description (RC)

  • Check if mandatory attachments are uploaded (RC)

  • Approval of planned positions and in-kind (HoA)

1 week 
  • Approval of final budget (HoA)
  • Final quality check of online proposal (RC)
  • Formal approval of proposal (HoA)




Plan the budget

The accounting team at Mat-Nat Faculty will help you to plan your budget. Please contact the Research Coordinator to get in touch with an economist.

The Head of Administration at GFI will approve the final budget.


Tools and information for planning the budget:

- Template for budget planning English / Norwegian

- General guidelines on budget preparation from UiB/BOA-team

- Support information for budget planning



Courses in Proposal Writing

The GFI together with the CHESS Research school and the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research offers annual courses and workshops in proposal writing.

Target group are Post Docs, PhD students and researchers with little or no experience in writing project proposals.


2 day workshop in proposal writing in spring:

Information and registration at the CHESS website.

Successful participation in this course gains 1 credit point for PhD students.

Please contact the GFI research coordinator for details.


Bjerknes proposal writing class, October to January:

Weekly lectures and exercises to get an own proposal ready for the coming year. Focus is on ERC Starting Grant, Young Research Talent, Mobility Grant and Marie Curie Post Doctoral Fellowship proposals.

Please contact the GFI research coordinator for details.


Individual coaching and advice


GFI employees are offered individual coaching and advice to prepare their project proposal. Please make an appointment with the Research Coordinator

Here you find template and guidelines to prepare a proposal draft.


Professional mock evaluation

GFI offer professional mock evaluation of any EU proposal, no matter if you are coordinator or partner. For coordinator proposals we can in addition order mock evaluation from a professional company.

In addition, GFI offers mock evaluation of any project proposal which GFI coordinates.

Please contact the Research Coordinator as soon as you decide to work on the proposal, and make an appointment for the mock evaluation.