Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
General Assembly

IGS General Assembly 16 Jan. 2019

Summarising 2018 and looking ahead to 2019 at IGS

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IGS Vision: Better Health, Better Society

In 2017, IGS developed and approved a Research Strategy. In 2018, both an Education Strategy and a Communication Plan have been developed and approved. Both are currently being printed and will shortly be available. These plans help focus activity at IGS thereby increasing the Department’s visibility. Success can be measured in many ways, including visits by 2 Government Ministers in 2018.


Short summary of 2018

  • CIH moved back to Årstadveien, Overlege Daniels Hus, 4th & 5th floors. The research group, “Global Health Priorities: Ethics, Economics, Policy” have also moved to Overlege Daniels Hus, 4th floor.
  • Leadership development is on-going at all levels of leadership
  • New organisation structure:
    • research & teaching are equally valued
    • leadership hierarchy clarified
    • research centres are more visible
  • Research:
    • 3 new centres being planned: 2 research centres, 1 innovation-driven centre
    • Application activity re-structured
  • Education:
    • New strategy developed and approved
    • Practice period in primary health services expanded from 4 to 6 weeks (TVERPS expanded – good student feedback)
    • New Master in Health and Society being planned
  • The physical and technical planning phase for Alrek is largely complete.


Research and Education at IGS by the numbers

  • Original publications 2017: 389
  • Level 2 publications 2017: 98
  • PhD Defenses in 2018: 21
  • PhD candidates in 2018: 157
  • Master graduates 2018: 46
  • 45 project applications – 3 successful from RCN


Prizes and noteworthy achievements

  • MED publication prize: Trond Riise et al article in Science (EPISTAT)
  • MED teaching prize: Thomas Mildestvedt (ALLMENNMED)
  • MED research group prize: Global Health Priorities: Ethics, Economics, Policy led by Ole Frithjof Norheim (ETØK)
  • Honorary member of the Norwegian Epidemiology Union: Rolv Skjærven


Other highlights from 2018

  • 2 big successful applications (Bjarne Robberstad, Ingunn Marie Engebretsen)
  • CIH turned 30!
  • Conferences: SDG, Migration, ARV, Department Day
  • “Filosofisk poliklinikk” turned 20
  • 2019 will be the last Christmas Party at Kalfarveien 31
  • CISMAC passed its midway evaluation
  • “PraksisNett” started
  • “Gullet ska hem” seminar
  • 2 visits by Government Ministers: Iselin Nybø (Minister of Research and Higher Education), Åse Michaelsen (Minister for the Elderly and Public Health)
  • New professors emeritus: Eva Gjengedal, Kjell Haug, Anders Bærheim,Rolv Skjærven
  • New scientific staff: Frøydis Bruvik (100%), Inger Haukenes (50%), Jon Joensen (50%), Kjartan Fersum (50%), Magnus Vollset (60%)


Looking ahead to 2019

  • New Master programme in Health & Society
  • Starting / increasing academic / networking processes at Alrek
  • Undertaking a “Undervisningsregnskap” (Overview of Teaching)
  • 3 Centre applications
  • Increasing application writing professionalisation (more EU?)
  • Continued leadership development
  • Evaluation or IGS re-organisation
  • Defining IGS’ direction for next 2-3 years