Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
New Department Head

New Head of Department at IGS

Guri Rørtveit kicked off her leadership job at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS) with an open meeting where she outlined her plans and ideas for the next 4-year period.

IGS Open Meeting 6.1.16
New Department Head,Guri Rørtveit, invited all IGS employees to an open meeting to present her plans and ideas for the Department.
Bente Moen

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Relevant background and experience

Guri Rørtveit  was the leader of the Research Unit for General Practice at Uni Research Health until the end of 2015. She is an active researcher and brings a broad diversity of relevant leadership, advisory, and research experiences to her role as the IGS Head of Department, as one can see from her CV (below). She was active as a doctor (part-time) in General Practice until the end of 2015.

Strengthen collaborations

In particular, Rørtveit would like to see increased engagement and collaboration across research groups at the Department, as well as with local actors such as Uni Research Health, and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Among other things, Rørtveit highlighted the importance of Global Health as a research theme for the Department. She also envisions IGS being more active in the dialogue between primary health services, medical research and regulatory bodies.

Good starting point

While not shying away from the challenges that face IGS, Rørtveit believes that the Department is well poised to move forward and to continue to make significant contributions. She looks forward to her leadership period at IGS.