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Research profile: Marija Slavkovik

Marija Slavkovik is an Associate professor of Information Science at UiB. She has spent the past ten years (including years as a student) in AI. She holds a masters in Computational Logic and a PhD in Informatics. Her doctoral thesis was in computational social choice (automated collective reasoning) and multi-agent systems. She has worked as postdoc on autonomous systems at the Department of Informatics at the University of Liverpool.

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Marija Slavkovik is an associate professor at the University of Bergen in Norway. Her area of research is Artificial Intelligence (AI) with expertese in collective reasoning. Slavkovik is active in the AI subdisciplines of: multi-agent systems, machine ethics and computational social choice.

Slavkovik believes that the world can be improved by automating away the borring, repetitive and dangerous human tasks and that AI has a crutial role to play towards this goal. In AI, the big problem she hopes to solve is the efficient self-coordination of systems of artificial intelligent agents.

The BAIA-Lab consolidates the  Bergen Artificially Intelligent Agents research activites.  Slavkovik is a member and current chair of the Lab.

In computational social choice and multi-agent syste, Slavkovik is particularly active  in Judgment Aggregation. If you are wondering what this is there is a tutorial for that. Her new passion in this field is looking for ways to consider  social network interaction of  agents and what impact that can have on collective reasoning and decision-making, particularly in aggregation. For more on what social network analysis has to do with AI go here.

Slavkovik is the chair and host of the 16th European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems EUMAS held December 6-7, 2018 in Bergen. You are too late for submissions, but you can register to participate.

In machine ethics, Slavkovik is active in engineering machine ethics problems - How can we build autonomous systems and artificial agents that behave ethically? Want to know what is happening in machine ethics since it stopped being an SF-only topic? There is a tutorial for that. Slavkovik is co-organising a Dagstuhl Seminar in 2019 on this topic. She is also one of the guest editors of the Special Issue on Ethics for Autonomous Systems of the AI Journal. The call for papers is open.