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At Digital Culture you'll find experts on social media, gender and technology, electronic literature, computer games, security, blogging, the history of technology, digital art and narratives online.

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Hilde Corneliussen is an associate professor and the coordinator of digital culture. Her research is on gender and technology and on computer games. With Jill Walker Rettberg she edited an anthology about World of Warcraft i 2008. She blogs at Gender & Computing. You can find her publications on Frida. This autumn Hilde will be teaching gender and technology in DIKULT106.

Scott Rettberg is an associate professor who's main area is electronic literature, where he is active both as a creative writer and as a scholar/critic. He was one of the founders of the Electronic Literature Organisation, where he is still active. Scott is a co-driver of the influential blog Grand Text Auto and you can also read more about him on his own blog. This autumn Scott is teaching DIKULT301.

Daniel Apollon is an associate professor who focuses on information and on electronic critical editions of texts. You can find his publications on Frida. This autumn he's teaching DIKULT102.

Jill Walker Rettberg is an associate professor who researches blogging, social media and how we tell stories online. She has written the book Blogging (Polity Press, 2008) and co-edited an anthology of scholarly articles on World of Warcraft with Hilde. She blogs at jill/txt, is on Twitter as @jilltxt, and you'll find most of her publications on her blog. In the autumn of 2009 she'll be teaching DIKULT204 og DIKULT303.

Kolbjørn Slethei's expertise is particularly in statistics and phonetics. 

Rolf Beev is will be in charge of DIKULT205 in the autumn of 2009.

Daniel Jung runs Lingo, which develops online learning environments based in MOOs. Daniel teaches into various courses.

Silje Hommedal is a PhD fellow working on how young people see themselves and the computer games they play as gendered. She teaches into DIKULT106

Myriam Coco recently finished her PhD on learning in online environments and is currently working with Daniel Jung on Lingo. She has taught into DIKULT102.