Department of Mathematics

Department Council

The Department Council is an advisory body for the Head of Department in matters concerning the direction of, or are of fundamental importance to the department's activities. The council shall act as an information and liaison body between the department's management and the staff and students.

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The Department Council can be contacted at raadet@mi.uib.no.


Antonella ZannaHead of Department, Head of the Council
Lill KnudsenHead of Administration, Secretary

Morten Brun
Jan Martin Nordbotten
Irina Markina
Mette Susanne Andresen
Stein Andreas Bethuelsen

Didier Jacques Francois Pilod, 1. deputy
Magnus Svärd, 2. deputy
Hans Arnfinn Karlsen, 3. deputy

Group A: Permanent scientific staff

Duty period: 01.08.2021-31.07.2025

Gianmarco Vega-Molino
Nadia Skoglund Taki

Brage Førland 1. deputy
Veljko Lipovac, 2. deputy

Group B: Temporary staff

Duty period: 01.08.2022-31.07.2023

Kristine Lysnes
Lesya Gram-Radu

Marianne Jensen, 1. deputy
Stine Haugsbø, 2. deputy

Group C: Technical and adminstrative staff

Duty period: 01.08.2021-31.07.2025

Jakob Seierstad Stokke
Solveig Halldora Stefansdottir
Ingrid Bringsvor

Simen Larsen, 1. deputy
Marthe Ulmo Rønneseth, 2. deputy

Group D: Students

Duty period: 01.08.2022-31.07.2023

The representing members and deputy members for groups A and C are elected for 4 years, while members for groups B and D are elected for 1 year.

Reglement for styringsorganene ved fakultetene og instituttene, vedtatt av Universitetsstyret 27.9.18