Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Personal promotion to Professor

The 2020 deadline for applying for personal promotion to professor has been postponed until 31 December 2020. This is due to a delay in the efforts to produce a more detailed description of educational competence and the educational portfolio following a change in the national regulations for promotion. In order to be promoted to professor the requirements regarding educational competence are now stricter. More detailed information will be mde available later in the autumn.

Associate Professors holding a permanent position may apply.

If you wish to apply for personal promotion to professor, you need to complete the application form, which you will find on our website (see below). You send the completed form by email to hrmn@mnfa.uib.no 

The registration opens xx.xx.xxxx and will be open until midnight xx.xx.xxxx.

You can download the application form here.

When we receive your application form, we will send you an email with an invitation to upload your application with enclosures in Jobbnorge. The deadline for submitting your application is xx.xx.xxxx. The application must include CV, publication list and up to 15 examples of academic work.


  1. Regulations for employment in and personal promotion to teaching and researcher positions (last update 02.09.2019)
    Ref chapter 2: Procedure and criteria for promotion to teaching and research posts 
  2. Samordning av prosessene for professoropprykk, decided by UHR-MNT.

    Guidelines for the application on page 13.

       "4. Outline of requirements for qualification", in “Coordination of the procedures for
       promotion to full professor…”.

       Apart from chapter "4. Outline of requirements for qualifications", the regulation is
       available in Norwegian only.