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Personal promotion to Professor

The 2023 deadline for applying for personal promotion to professor is 15 September 2023. You will find further information about the application process below. Associate Professors holding a permanent position (at least 50 per cent post) may apply.

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Tuesday 15 August 2023 is the start of the application period for applying for personal promotion to professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The application deadline is 15 September 2023.

If you intend to apply for promotion to professor, first you need to complete the application form, which you will find on our website (see below). You send the completed form by email to hrmn@mnfa.uib.no 

When we receive your application form, we will send you an email with an invitation to upload your application in Jobbnorge. This is according to "Samordning av prosessene for professoropprykk", see "retningslinjer for opprykk til professor", chapter 5, below. 

Guidelines for application for personal promotion:

Coordination of the procedures for promotion to professor, decided by UHR-MNT. 
"Retningslinjer for opprykk til professor" (Guidelines for the application), page 9, chapter 5.

Personal promotion to professor - UHRs website
https://www.uhr.no/temasider/karrierepolitikk-og-merittering/opprykksordninger/ (in Norwegian only)

Apart from chapter "4. Outline of requirements for qualifications" (UHRs website), the regulation is available in Norwegian only.