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Lectures in 2024

Date & Time (2024)Title of lectureSpeaker
February 12th, Egget, Studentsenteret

Darwin Day/Horizons lecture: The evolution of learning and the origins of consciousness (recorded event)

Eva Jablonka

Lectures in 2023

Date & Time (2023)Title of lectureSpeaker
April, 20th, 16.15, Egget, Studentsenteret (refreshments from 15.45)

Seabed Mining and Biodiversity Conservation in the Deep Sea: Where Science meets Policy

Lisa A. Levin
February 13th, Egget, Studentsenteret

Darwin Day/Horizons lecture: Making Sense of Cancer

Jarle Breivik

Lectures in 2022

Date & Time (2022)Title of lectureSpeaker

Monday 25th of April, 16.15, in Egget, at Studentsenteret

Lecture by Yadvinder Malhi - The Metabolism of Planet Earth

Yadvinder Malhi

Lectures in 2021

None - due to COVID restrictions

Lectures in 2020

None - due to COVID restrictions

Lectures in 2019

Date & Time (2019)Title of lectureSpeaker
Wednesday 20. February at 16.00, Auditorium 1, Realfagbygget, Allegt. 41 

The Benefits of Particle Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Prof. Stephanie E. Combs

Tuesday 30. April at 16.00, Egget, The Student Centre, Parkveien 1.

From energy storage in subsurface systems to flow processes in the brain: porous media are (almost) everywhere

Prof. Rainer Helmig

Tuesday 3. September at 16.00, Auditorium 1, Realfagbygget.

The Alchemy of Vacuum - Hybridizing Light and Matter

Prof. Thomas W. Ebbesen

Wednesday 18. September at 16.00, Egget, The Student Centre.Niels Bohr, life behind the physics and war and peace

Vilhelm A. Bohr

Thursday 14. November at 15.45, Egget,
The Student Centre.

Probing Antarctica's glacial history Professor Sydney R Hemming

Wednesday 27. November at 15.45, Egget,
The Student Centre.

Panel debate (in Norwegian) Forskningsfrihet under pressPanel debate


Lectures in 2018


Date & Time (2018)Title of lectureSpeaker
Tuesday 20. February at 16.00 at the VilVite CentreWhy is life the way it is?Nick Lane
Thursday 24. May at 16.00, Egget, The Student Centre

Plasmonics: Photonic Nanoscience for Sustainability and Societal Impact

Naomi Halas


Thursday 01. November, Egget, The Student Centre

River networks as ecological corridorsAndrea Rinaldo


Lectures in 2017

Date & Time (2017)Title of lectureSpeaker

Thursday 9. February at the VilVite Centre

The Oceans's cryptic but beautiful life

Thomas Kiørboe

Thursday 4. May at 16.00, in Egget, Studentsenteret

Planetary motions: Order and Chaos

Jacques Laskar

Thursday 22. June at 15.00, in Egget, Studentsenteret

Human activities and their effects on Space Weather

Daniel N. Baker

Friday 25. August at 14.00, in Auditorium 1, Realfagsbygget, Allégaten 1 

Network Science - From structure to control

Watch the lecture here

Albert-László Barabási

Tuesday 31. October at 16.00, in Auditorium 1, Realfagbygget, Allégaten 1

Hunting the past with ancient genomics

Watch the lecture here (skip 30 minutes for the lecture to start)

Eske Willerslev


Lectures in 2016

More lectures to come!

Date & Time (2016)Title of lectureSpeaker

Monday 15. February at 15.45 Universitetsaulaen (in Norwegian)


Nils Chr. Stenseth, Geir Atle Ersland, Bjørn Blomberg
Tuesday 3. of May at Universitetsaulaen (in English)Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes - the most energetic photon phenomenon in the atmosphereNikolai Østgaard
Thursday 9. of June in Egget, StudentsenteretHow are fearful memories stored in our brains?Marianne Fyhn
Thursday 10. of November in Egget, StudentsenteretSingle-cell RNA sequencing: A modern microscopeRickard Sandberg
Thursday 1. of December in Egget, StudentsenteretAuditory hallucinations: To hear voices that do not existKenneth Hugdahl




Lectures in 2015


Date & Time (2015)Title of lectureSpeaker

Thursday 12. February at 16.00 Egget, Studentsenteret

The evolution of Human Diversity

Marta Mirazon Lahr, University of Cambridge, UK  

 Thursday 16. April, at 16.00 Egget, Studentsenteret

Deciphering hidden functions in non-coding DNA

Simon Dankel (stand in for Melina Claussnitzer)

 Tuesday 5. May, at 16.00 VilVite

Future Energy Needs and Engineering Reality  

Michael Kelly, University of Cambridge, UK

Thursday 28. May, at 16.00 Egget, Studentsenteret

Energy, Environment and Our Sustainable Future

Yuan T. Lee, Academia Sinica, Taiwan 

Thursday 15th of October in VilVite at 16.15

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Raymond S. "Ray" Bradley

Thursday 12th of November in VilVite at 15.15What happens in a few billionths of a billionth of a second?Anne L'Huillier


Lectures in 2014


Date & Time (2014)

Title of lectureSpeaker
Thursday 13. November at 16.00
at Egget, Studentsenteret
We are Made of Star Stuff

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Thursday 23. Oktober at 16.00 at Egget, StudentsenteretUnconventional Oil and Gas and its Impact on the World Margot Gerritsen
Monday 8. September 14.00-16.00 at VilVite (in Norwegian)Horisontdebatten 2014 - Er petroleumsforskning uetisk? 
Tuesday 26 of August 16.00 at VilViteCooperation in the climate change gameManfred Milinski
Thursday 15. May 2014 at 16.00, at VilViteWhere can we damage? Biodiversity conservation and challenges for the future.Kathy Willis
Tuesday 20. May 2014 at 17.00, Egget StudentsenteretThe Co-Evolution of the Geosphere and BiosphereRobert M. Hazen
Thursday 20. February at 18.00 2014The evolving tree of lifeHenrik Glenner and Andreas Hejnol


Lectures in 2013


Date & Time (2013)

Title of lectureSpeaker
Monday 28th October, at 16.00, Studentsenteret, Egget

Particles and the Nature of All Things

(video of the lecture)

David Kaplan
Torsdag 17. oktober 2013 på VilVite, auditoriet, kl. 15.00Vær, vind og sjø langs norskekysten  -  et historisk perspektivBjørn Gjevik, Universitetet i Oslo
Thursday 19th of September 2013 at 15.00 in VilVite, AuditoriumUnderstanding basic biology using outbred geneticsEwan Birney (EMBL-EBI)
Thursday 12th of September 2013 at 16.00, Egget, Studentsenteret

Epigenetics: myths, mysteries and molecules

(video of her lecture)

Leonie Ringrose, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austria
Wednesday 10th of April 2013 at 15.00, Egget

A Universe from Nothing

Professor Lawrence M. Krauss, Arizona State University, USA
Thursday 21st of March 2013 at 16.00, Egget

Does the measurement device measure what it is supposed to measure? 

Researcher Jo Røislien, Norsk Luftambulanse and University of Oslo
CANCELLED! Tuesday 12th 2013 of February at 18.00, Egget

Evolution kills: The adaption of disease-causing organisms and what to do about it

Professor Andrew Read, Pennsylvania State University, USA


Lectures in 2012


Date & Time (2012)

Title of lectureSpeaker
Monday 5th November 2012 at 18.00, Egget, StudentsenteretCan Machines Be Creative Enough To Invent Their Own Language? Se kalenderoppslagLuc Steels, Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF) in Barcelona and director of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris.
Thursday 27. september 2012 at 15.00, Egget, StudentsenteretInnovation in Space Discoveries: Is There Life Out There?Lynn J. Rothschild, NASA
Fredag 7. september 2012 kl. 11.00, Egget, StudentsenteretFirst sight of the Higgs particle?Sergio Bertolucci, CERN (erstattet av Anna Lipniacka, UiB og CERN pga Lufthansa streik)
Thursday 7. June 2012 at 15.00, Egget, StudentsenteretClimate Change and Global Food ProductionDavid Battisti, University of Washington
Torsdag 24. mai 2012, kl. 15.00 i Egget, StudentsenteretSymbols and Climate: Tracing the origins of behaviourally modern Homo sapiens in southern AfricaChristopher Henshilwood, UiB og the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa
Mandag 19. mars 2012, kl. 10.15 Auditoriet på VilviteThe fingerprints of Vilhelm Bjerknes on modern climate scienceBrian Hoskins, Imperial College
Torsdag 22. mars 2012 kl. 14.15, Auditoriet på VilvitePå jakt etter dirigenten for klimaorkesteret - om naturlige og menneskeskapte klimaendringerOdd Helge Otterå, Bjerknessenteret Uni Research
Mandag 13. februar 2012 kl. 18.00, kinosalen Tivoli, KvarteretBig History Today(foredraget av Spier inngikk også i UiBs Darwindag 2012. På hjemmesiden til Darwindagen 2012 kan du finne mer informasjon om Spier og hans bakgrunn.)Fred Spier, University of Amsterdam 

 More informasjon on Vilhelm Bjerknes anniversary in 2012 is found here and here.


The Horizons committee

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Jarl Giske (leader)
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Gry E. Parker

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Kristin Bakken (on leave from 1. september 2017)

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