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Associate Professor Nadine Vastenhouw, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Associate Professor Nadine Vastenhouw from the Center for Integrative Genomics at the University of Lausanne, will present her talk: "The spark of life. A role for nuclear organization in transcription regulation."

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A fluorescent microscopy picture showing cells glowing in the red and green channels.
Nadine Vastenhouw
Nadine Vastenhouw studies how the transcriptional machinery and chromatin template are brought together in time and space to robustly regulate transcription during development. After fertilization, animals go through cleavage divisions that transform the one-cell egg into a multicellular embryo. During this phase, the genome is inactive, and embryos rely on the products their mothers provided them. During the maternal to zygotic transition, developmental control is handed from maternally provided gene products to those synthesized from the zygotic genome. The onset of transcription is an excellent system to determine how all of the different variables that influence the decision to transcribe a gene or not come together to generate complex transcriptional programs.


This seminar will be hybrid. 

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