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Michael Sars Symposium 2023: Cells, organisms and their environment

The second edition of the Michael Sars Symposium will take place at Media City Bergen on June 1st, 2023 in Bergen, Norway.

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Symposium overview

The environment has shaped the evolution of organisms, cells and microbial communities since the origin of life. Organisms have evolved a diversity of cell types, cellular structures and cell-cell communication strategies to react and adapt to a variety of environmental changes. The symposium aims to bring together speakers working on the development, evolution and ecology of animals, plants and microorganisms to understand how a challenging environment has shaped their past and will impact their future. 

Session topics

  • Neuroscience & motility 

  • Microbial ecosystems & evolution

  • Plants & their environment


Atlantis Auditorium. Media City Bergen. Lars Hilles gate 30, 5008 Bergen


8:15 - 9:15Registration 
9:15 - 9:20Welcome by the Director of the Michael Sars Centre, Lionel Christiaen 
9:20 - 9:30Welcome by Dean Gunn Mangerud, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UiB 
 Session 1: Neuroscience & Motility 
9:30-10:00Brady WeissbourdThe neural control of swimming in a model jellyfish
10:00-10:30Carl JonesNeuromechanics in the embryo of a simple chordate 
10:30-11:00Coffee break 
 Session 2: Microbial Ecosystems & Evolution 
11:00-11:30Christa SchleperCellular features of an Åsgard archaeon reveal insights into the evolution of eukaryotes
11:30-12:00Maria Zimmermann-KogadeevaQuantifying gut microbiota-host metabolic interactions
 Session 3: Plants & Their Environment 
13:30-14:00Pau Formosa-JordanDynamics of plant developmental transitions: from seed germination to flowering
14:00-14:30Manon DemulderEncasing carbon fixation: the pyshell in diatoms
14:30-15:00Coffee Break 
 Session 4: Neuroscience & Motility 
15:00-15:30Kazuo InabaStructural and functional diversification of cilia in evolutionary adaptation to aquatic environments
15:30-16:00Inari KursulaMolecular insight into malaria parasite actin-based motility
16:00-16:30Manu PrakashTBA 
16:30-16:45Closing Remarks