Michael Sars Centre

Tara visits the Michael Sars Centre

A beautiful new film by the Tara Ocean Foundation showcasing researchers from both Tara and the Michael Sars Centre sharing their knowledge and scientific practice during the EMBL TREC expedition stopover in Bergen. (French with English subtitles)

Tara Visits the Michael Sars Centre

Maéva Bardy, Tara Océan Foundation

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During the schooner's stopover in Bergen, researchers from both Tara and the Michael Sars Centre spent time together learning about each other's marine research and laboratories. During the visit, Michael Sars Centre researchers and technicians were shown around the schooner where Tara researchers have access to an impressive array of equipment for sampling at sea which complements the work of the scientific institute on land. Drawing on the riches of the ocean, the Michael Sars Centre studies marine organisms and more specifically their cellular and molecular biology. The aim of this research is to gain a better understanding of certain biological processes, and thus of human diseases.

For two consecutive years, the schooner Tara has been participating in the study of coastal ecosystems all along the European coast during the TREC expedition - TraversingEuropean Coastlines, conceived by EMBL in collaboration with the Tara OceanS consortium, the Tara Ocean Foundation, and more than 70 scientific institutions. During the Tara Europa expedition, a parallel study of biodiversity on land, with EMBL’s mobile laboratories, and at sea, with the schooner Tara, is carried out.

Producer: Maéva Bardy, Tara Océan Foundation