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Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting

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Join us in Bergen, Norway!

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Illustration: Melanie Burford

The Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting will take place in Bergen from Tuesday 28th until Friday 31st May 2024.

We aim to generate an interactive and dynamic atmosphere to foster interactions between developmental biologists in the Nordic countries and the wider international community. We offer an exciting programme with two keynote speakers, 20 invited speakers and 12 contributed talks ranging from developmental biology to stem cell biology and regeneration in a large diversity of research organisms and systems. 

The meeting will be held at Media City Bergen in Norway and is open to everybody. It is jointly organised by the Michael Sars Centre at the University of Bergen, the Swedish Developmental Biology Organisation (SWEDBO), the Finnish Society for Developmental Biology (FSDB), and researchers from Norway and Denmark.


Local Organizers

Patrick Steinmetz, Marios Chatzigeorgiou, Fabian Rentzsch, Luiza Ghila.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Claudio Cantù, Ditte Andersen, Josh Brickman, Kaska Koltowska, Satu Kuure, Luiza Ghila, Mattias Mannervik, Renata Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen, Ruth Palmer, Sara Wilson, Ulrika Marklund, Sanna Vuoristo, Andreas Hörnblad.

Administrative Support

Anne-Grethe Michelsen, Carol Bruce, Johanne-Berit Revheim, Marion Lebouvier, Melanie Burford, Stein Gulliksen.


Registration/Nordics Societies: fabian.rentzsch@uib.no
Michael Sars Centre: outreach@sars.uib.no