Department of Natural History

Entomological collections (ZMBN-ENT)

The entomological collections contain scientific collections of insects and other arthropods associated with terrestrial and limnic habitats.

Speyeria aglaja
P. Djursvoll

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The entomological collection (ZMBN-ENT) contains scientific collections of terrestrial arthropods - Hexapoda, Myriopoda, Tardigrada, Arachnoidea and Chelicerata. There are more than 430,000 pinned insect specimens determined to genus or species level, with some additional material identified at family level. Furthermore, the collection contains about 42,000 tubes with ethanol-fixed insects identified at genus or species level, as well as 29,000 insects mounted on slides for microscopy (mainly aphids and feather mosquitoes). Of other terrestrial arthropods, we have more than 15,000 tubes of ethanol-fixed material of spiders identified to species or genera. In addition, we have more than 1,200 dried grids and slides.

The bulk of the material is from the last 70-80 years and is available for loans to other scientific institutions for research purposes. Other people must make a more detailed agreement with a local institution that may be responsible for the loan. We have a good workplace for guest researchers who can visit the collections free of charge.