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The Erik Østby Archaeology Stipend (2024-2025)

Call for Applications: NIA’s Erik Østby Archaeology Stipend for 2024-2025

The Erik Østby Archaeology Stipend
The Erik Østby Archaeology Stipend
NIA/Erik Østby

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The Norwegian Institute at Athens proudly announces the Erik Østby Archaeology Stipend for 2024-2025, in honor of Prof. Erik Østby's outstanding contributions to Greek archaeology and his impact on the Institute. The stipend is designed to assist students from Norwegian Universities whose research focuses on topics related to Greek Archaeology, encompassing all disciplines that engage with the study of material culture from the Greek Antiquity.

Eligibility: The stipend is available to MA and PhD students at Norwegian Universities conducting research within the broader scope of Greek Archaeology. Applications are welcomed from students exploring any facet of Greek Archaeology, spanning from Prehistory to the Byzantine Times, or delving into topics involving pertinent archaeological material culture (e.g., Classics, Art History, Architecture, etc.). Preference will be given to applicants affiliated with the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo. Please note that individuals who have previously received the NIA travel stipend are not eligible to apply.

Terms: The stipend, amounting to 20,000 Norwegian Kroner (NOK), is allocated to cover costs related to research activities in Greece. This may include library research, access to and study of archaeological material, archaeological field trips for research purposes, and academic networking. Recipients are expected to spend a minimum of two weeks in Greece for the research outlined in their application. During their stay, recipients will be provided with office space at the NIA and will be accepted into the NIA’s Research Affiliate Program. Following their research, recipients must submit a report and deliver a public lecture at the NIA after completing their thesis. Please be aware that the stipend funding must be utilized within one year after the official award date.

Application Documents and Procedures: To apply, please use the link below. Application materials should include a) a CV, b) digital copies of university degrees or other relevant certificates/documents (e.g., permits to access archaeological material), c) a project description (up to 750 words double spaced; explicitly stating why the candidate needs to be in Greece for their research and the relevance of the proposed project to the Norwegian Institute and its mission in Greece), d) a brief budget (with information about any additional funding received), and e) one reference letter submitted electronically to the NIA by the academic supervisor of the applicant (applicants are responsible for soliciting their referees).

Application Deadline: May 24, 2024. All proposals must be submitted online. Proposals missing any of the required application materials will not be considered.

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