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Data Science is about extracting useful information from large and complex data. This research area is becoming increasingly crucial for many aspects of society. The University of Bergen has several departments across its faculties that conduct research in Data Science. For the Department of informatics, the establishment of a center for research and education in Data Science has been a priority, based on our rich experience in visual data science and data science in bioinformatics. The first step in this direction was taken with the establishment of our research group in machine learning.  Our commitment in this direction was recently further stregthened with the ERC consolidator grant awarded to Saket Saurabh on algorithmic research related to data science. At the same time, the departments of mathematics and of information and media sciences, as well as the faculties of medicine and of humanities have buildt competence in Data Science over the years. The Center for Data Science, CEDAS, is built to unify and coordinate these efforts. Our aim is to be a leading research center in Data Science both nationally and internationally. 

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WorKer 2019
WorKer 2019
Jun 03

Workshop on Kernelization

This meeting is focused on kernelization, the rigorous theory of preprocessing.

ERC - European Research Council
Saket Saurabh

Making sense of Big Data

UiB researcher Saket Saurabh embarks on a new ERC funded project, aiming to revolutionise how we handle, utilise and compress Big Data.

Image of the project

BFS funding to visualization project

We consider this new project a fantastic opportunity to continue contributing high-quality visualization research to the medical field here in Bergen. Based on ten years of fruitful research, we see great benefits in cooperating interdisciplinarily to solve challenging problems that require the...

Research and Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø officially opens the new center for data science.

Opening of the Center for Data Science

To research enabling technology for the data science of tomorrow, UiB opened the new Center for Data Science (CEDAS).

CEDAS is a research Center for Data Science at the University of Bergen, coordinated by the Department of Informatics.