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How does religion play into the conceptualisation of poverty, and how can it inspire or inhibit political action? This was the subject of a recent conference in Bergen.
This is the question Professor Kjersti Fløttum and her colleagues have set out to answer by bringing together a number of disciplines in the LINGCLIM project.
Global and development-related research is one of UiB’s two priority areas. UiB Global's newsletter highlights the scope and diversity of this field at the University of Bergen.
Tanzania has one doctor for every 30,000 inhabitants, leading the CIH and a Tanzanian partner institution to mount a medical capacity building project. The results can be seen in a short film produced by UiB.
The leader of the CMI library and the Bergen Resource Centre for International Development has retired after more than forty years, but students, researchers and the public will continue to enjoy the fruits of her labour.