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Why do many Norwegians pass over sustainable groceries? This is what Daniel Hanss set out to find out in his PhD project.
Poverty research has long concentrated on Low Income Countries. At a recent workshop in Cape Town researchers took the initiative to change the focus.
By making a deal with a textbook publisher, professor Tor Sørevik at UiB found a way to empower South Sudanese students in difficult circumstances.
May 13-15, 2013 the University of Bergen will host a workshop on the importance of transdisciplinary knowledge for human development. The deadline for abstracts is 4 January.
On 6 December, the Nile Basin Research Programme organised a seminar to highlight important developments in the ongoing negotiations about the apportionment of the Nile waters.
When the neurologist William Howlett could not find medical textbooks his students in Tanzania could recognise themselves in, he decided to write his own. On 14 December the UiB hosts a seminar to mark the occasion.
More than a quarter of the projects which have been granted seed funding by Norad have the University of Bergen as their main partner.