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Africa is technologically advanced in several areas, but woefully unprepared for technologies that could revolutionise its health care.
Most of the world’s 20 largest oil-producing countries struggle with corruption and a lack of democracy. And oil plays an important – and unfortunate – part.
The University of Bergen is making an untapped source of historical material available by digitising the vast TV archives of Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation.
The University Library adds unique documents to an already significant collection as Professor Rex Seán O'Fahey bequeaths his large private archive.
Nils Anfinset went to Palestine to do archaeological research for his PhD in 2002 − the most intense phase of the second Intifada. Today he teaches a class in research ethics.
UiB’s Vice-rector for international affairs, Professor Anne Christine Johannessen, praises Fredrik Barth and Gunnar Håland as the pioneers of the co-operation between UiB and the University of Khartoum.