Norwegian Language Courses at UiB

International employees and partners

The University of Bergen offers Norwegian language courses to international employees employed for a minimum of six months. Spouses and partners of international employees may also apply.

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In order to be eligible for admission you must be one of the following

  • An international employee employed in a 100% position for a minimum of 6 months
  • An international employee employed in a 50% position for a minimum of 12 months
  • The spouse or partner of an international employee employed under the conditions above

Note: PhD Candidates are considered employees, not students.

The University of Bergen, and not an external institution, should finance the employment.

Questions? Studynorwegian@uib.no.

How to apply

You apply by submitting an application in Søknadsweb within the established deadlines:

  • 1 December for the spring semester
  • 2 June for the autumn semester

Partners must register an application in their own name and with their own email address. We do not accept applications submitted on the behalf of others. Remember to let us know the name of your partner and where at UiB they are employed.

What course should you choose?

We offer courses on four different levels. You may find a complete overview here.

If you are new to Norwegian, you should apply for admission to either NOR-U1 or NOR-U1/2. NOR-U1/2 is an intensive full time course that covers topics from NOR-U1 and NOR-U2 during the course of one semester. The course requires high commitment and participation throughout the semester. 

After passing NOR-U1 or NOR-U1/2, you may proceed to the higher levels. It is very important that you apply within the deadline, even though your exam results are not ready yet.

If you already know some Norwegian, but have not taken a Norwegian exam at UiB or another Norwegian university previously, you may sign up for our placement test. It is important that you also apply for the Norwegain Lanugage Course in Søknadsweb.

Placement test

In order to be eligible for admission to NOR-U2NOR-U3NOR-U4 and NOR-UNN, you will have to meet the language entry requirements specified in the course descriptions.

If you have acquired Norwegian language skills outside of UiB or another Norwegian university, you may qualify by completing a placement test. Please note that the placement test cannot replace exam results from NOR-U1, NOR-U1/2, NOR-U2 or NOR-U3.

The test is not graded, and we do not issue any certificate of the test.

You may find more information about the placement test here.


Employees and partners admitted to a Norwegian language course do not have to register in Studentweb or pay the semester fee. Reminders of this may be ignored.