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Investing in Tanzania – a joint opportunity for promoting gender equality and development?

FOKUS invites business, academia, activists and others to seminar on women's land rights in Tanzania. Senior Researcher Siri Lange is part of the panel and will share her experiences from Tanzania.

“Our land, our lives, women let us mobilize!” - The chant of the Women2Kilimanjaro hike advocating for more inclusive land rights for women.
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What happens to women when international businesses start operating in rural areas in Africa? Can international investors safeguard women’s land rights, also where national laws and practices discrimi-nate due to gender? What are the hopes and expectations of local communities when investors are es-tablishing next door, and what are their fears?

FOKUS would like to take a closer look at Tanzania and invites business, academia, activists and others - to our research forum with scientists from different academic fields, but all Tanzania-related.

The seminar is conveyed in English. Free entrance, but remember to sign up via e-mail gj@fokuskvinner.no.


Siri Lange, Associate Professor, University of Bergen, and Senior Reseacher at Chr. Michelsen Institute. Lange has more than 20 years of experience from research and commissioned work in East Africa. Research interests include health, gender, cultural processes and natural resource management – with a special focus on political processes and participation at the local level.

Ingunn Ikdahl, Associate Professor, at the University of Oslo. The name of Ikdahl´s doctoral thesis is "Securing women´s homes. The dynamics of women´s human rights at the international level and in Tanzania".

Ian Bryceson, Professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. His research interests are focused on marine and coastal ecology, coastal fisheries and aquacul-ture, resilience, vulnerability, and people's struggles for their rights.

Moderator: Johanne Eide Joyce, Attorney